Standout Hairstyle

I absolutely love doing my hair in different ways and making people look twice at it. One of my key styles is mini plaits in a ponytail or pigtails. It is SO simple yet really beautiful. Adding coloured hair extensions or ribbons adds to the effect.

This particular style has nine plaits and six feature the blue.
Normally I do a higher ponytail with this style as it works well with my face (in my opinion) which is oval. Each plait is held together with horse ties, but any elastics will do.

1. Put hair into a ponytail or pigtails, whatever suits you.
2. gather a small section of the ponytail/pigtail and plait normally before securing
3. Continue until all hair is plaited.
Hints and tips-
1. This style does take a while to finish. I have very thick hair and it takes me about 30 minutes to do 9-10 plaits
2. I used to do this every day in my last year of highschool and it lasts, I have had some which I leave in for a few days and they still look amazing.
3. A lot of people will ask who did your hair, and seeing their faces when you say you did it yourself is amazing.
4. Its is your hair and your life, so do whatever it is you want to with it.

Have fun with this style and do your own variations. And please if you attempt this or alter it feel free to send me photos at 🙂




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