Nationality Identity Insight

The creation of these three characters was a long, but worthwhile process. Standing almost a metre tall each image has been carefully designed and created with copic markers. These characters were created to explore the idea of what nationality identity is and how a nationality can be defined. Daniel Jnr, (dedicated to a good friend of mine), resembles a crying man to show the pain suffered by his race when it was taken over all those years ago. Even though Daniel Jnr is crying there is still a sense of strength and endurance which I really wanted to capture. Ashleigh on the other-hand is my representation of todays typical westerner teenager. She is bubbly and carefree, full of energy and freedom. She just lights up the room and shows that national identity isn’t simply defined by natural physical characteristics. Lastly little miss Egyptian Isabella. Isabella was a last minute decision. I had her designed and ready to go but was not as keen to make her large scale. At that stage her colour layout was not working and was definitely not flattering for her. A few modifications to the colouring and the original eye design and Isabella was a beautiful addition that definitely completed the series in a perfect way.


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